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Customer Testimonials

MyStaf understands my business. They vet applicants and recommend candidates who become good team members. MyStaf partners with us as a temp-to-hire payroll company during the pre-employment process. This allows us to put applicants to work immediately during the pre-employment period. The MyStaf team is friendly and responsive. My representative, Kenny Weeks, goes above and beyond to understand our long-term goals and team needs and is always available when I need him.

Our relationship with MyStaf has always been great and professional. They understand our employment needs and take great care of us throughout the whole hiring process when we need it. Staff are always willing to help us in any way and are attentive to each need that we may have. I would highly recommend MyStaf for anyone needing to fill any job vacancy or for anyone looking for employment.

MyStaf is my first choice for non-clinical staffing…Bert and his staff have a genuine interest in finding the ‘right fit’ for their clients. I have been very pleased with the employees MyStaf has placed with us.

For nearly a decade, MyStaf has been my only source in filling a wide range of vacancies. They identify quality candidates promptly to sustain my production at optimum levels. MyStaf makes my life easier by providing courteous and professional services at an affordable price. MyStaf is not merely a supplier, but rather a partner!

We have used MyStaf extensively over a number of years. They have taken the effort to learn enough about our operations that the candidates they send us are likely prospects that have a good idea of what our work environment is like. This is a huge timesaver in the staffing process. MyStaf is very responsive to all issues related to staffing, payroll, HR issues, etc. MyStaf cares, and it shows!

MyStaf meets the needs of the Clinics of North Texas, LLP, they are efficient and produce outstanding quality recruits. They are a true asset to our recruiting needs.

Our company has been using MyStaf for over 30 years. They have always tried hard to find us the right people for what we need. Bert Huff is always friendly and professional and so are his employees. Kenny Weeks handles our account. He goes above and beyond taking care of us. I would recommend MyStaf to anyone who needs quality people.