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How to Best Utilize Staffing Services. In other words, how to get your money’s worth!

First, why use a staffing service?

Benefits of using a staffing service are:

  1. We handle the recruiting and screening part of the application process – providing advertising, wading through countless resumes, testing computer skills, customer service skills, or other needed skills. Since we screen the potential candidates, you see only the applicants that are qualified for the position, therefore saving you time and money.
  2. We check background information – references and criminal backgrounds are always checked, and drug screening and MVR’s are done upon request.
  3. The employee is not added to your payroll until you have a better idea if they will fit your specific needs.
  4. As the employer of record during the temporary period, staffing services handle payroll, record keeping, W-2’s, unemployment claims and workers’ compensation claims, as well as addressing any concerns you the client may have.
  5. If the employee is not working out during the temporary period, the service terminates the assignment and will seed other qualified candidates. This can alleviate wrongful terminations, unemployment claims, etc. for you the client.
After you have decided to use a service, now what?
  • Ask up front what their temporary period is, what the bill rate is, if they need credit information, is there a contract to sign, and how their billing works. Get this all out of the way before you begin with a service.
  • When adding a new employee to your staff; provide the staffing service with a very detailed job description and be sure and add information about your company that would be selling points to the prospective candidates. The job description should include salary range, specific duties, expectations, work schedule, dress code, advancement opportunities, who the candidate reports to, and the complete benefits package. Also include the start date and information on your hiring process as well as who will be involved.
  • If you find that the candidates you are getting are not what you are looking for, promptly inform the service about any adjustments that need to be made in their search.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your service and always return phone calls as promptly as possible. They may have your perfect person right there in the office when they call. Don’t lose that person to a competitor!
  • Be sure to get what you are paying for. Use the service during and after the interview process. The potential candidate may be more open with the service regarding concerns, pay rate, and other factors that they may not be open with you about. You in turn can be more open with the service regarding the same concerns. The service can provide a nice buffer allowing both sides to be happy.
  • Please give the service as much notice as possible to ensure they have time to source the best candidates available.
  • If a service is unable to provide you with what you are looking for in the time frame you have requested, they should be open and tell you they will not be able to help you. They may be able to suggest another service that would be better suited for your needs.

MyStaf is available any time to answer your questions. Our goal is to provide you and your staff with the best in customer service/ Please let us know what we can do to help you with your staffing needs.